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  • COVID 19 Resources for Older People
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  • All Saints, Whytewold (in the Interlake) we are keeping in contact with our congregation by email and the telephone. Our congregation is mostly seniors: some do not have computers but those that do are checking the Diocese of Rupert’s Land website daily.   The Wardens are in contact via telephone with those who do not have internet access relaying the latest info to them. We have a Facebook Page that the community can access if someone is in need.   The answering machine at the church is checked every couple of days. Our people have been encouraged to phone someone on the Parish list to talk or pray with.
  • St. Mary’s Church, Sioux Lookout held Evening Prayer and bible study using Zoom last evening.  It worked very well and we plan to continue every Tuesday evening at 7 p.m.  Various people in our LCM group of 8 plus our mentor, Aileen, take turns leading Evening Prayer and the bible study. We plan to use Zoom for our LCM group to continue studies every second week on Sunday, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • Emmanuel Anglican/United Church in Ignace, are making online contact each day with those who have computers and phone calls to the others. The Sunday worship will be live-streamed.  They are seeking ways to continue to support their ‘blessings in a backpack’ program for students who require food assistance. Packed the food up (using gloves); a young teacher picked up the labeled bags and took them to the local Food Bank for distribution this afternoon.  I have made up the menu for next week.   Have followed Ontario  protocols. My help and the community are all good, kind and helpful.  We will just go one day at a time.
  • The Parish of St Margaret has decided to illuminate the church building throughout our period of being “in exile”.   This is intended to be a visible sign to the community and all who pass by that, while the building may be empty, the church remains very much alive and vigilant in prayer, worship and service.  They welcome other Anglican churches, and indeed other faith communities, to adopt this practice spreading a visible message of hope and comfort, and to let our light shine in the darkness in these coming days.   Parishes wishing to adopt this ‘example’ need only provide enough light to be visible to all who pass by, keeping the appropriate level of illumination in line with their budgets. 
  • Digital resources available during time of social isolation: Canadian Anglicans have “taken prayer digital” in the days following temporary closures of public worship spaces. General Synod has compiled a of resources available to keep connected during this time. Let us know what we might add or if there is another resource you need. The page will be updated daily.
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  • Prayers from the Parish of St. Bartholomew, WinnipegPrayers in Uncertain Times
  • TENS & CEEP Host Two Workshops for Stewardship and COVID-19 Response
  • The Anglican Church of Canada has also put together a list of resources and programs. You can check that out here.
  • St. George, Transcona will send a regular weekly email, (on Monday mornings) and on Thursday an update and check in will be circulated, with a reflection for the week.  On Sunday they will get another email with the Sunday sermon and a couple of musical pieces, with a few prayers.
  • Pod-cast with the Primate – (March 17)
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