Officers & Committees

Officers of Synod

Mr. James A. Ripley, B. Com.,LLB, Q.C.

Vice Chancellor
Mr. Robert B. Doyle, B.A., M.A., LLB

Sharon Routley, C.G.A.;C.P.A

Secretary of Synod
Mr. Bob Wedlake


Diocesan Council/
Diocesan Executive

Composition, Membership, and Responsibilities –
see Constitution

Finance Committee

Composition, Membership, and Responsibilities –
see Constitution

Rupert’s Land Indigenous Ministry

Urban Indigenous Ministry Developer – The Rev. Vincent Solomon

Active Diocesan Committees

Network of Deacons
Chairperson – The Rev. Deacon Lorna Howell and The Rev. Deacon Karen Terlinski
Priestly Ministry Team (PMT)
Chairperson – Rev. Brian Ford
Diaconal Ministry Team (DMT)
Chairperson – Rev. Brian Ford
Diocesan Local Collaborative Ministry Team (DLCMT)
Chairperson –  Rev. Wayne McIntosh
Companion Diocese Team (CDT)
Chairperson – Mr. Chris Barnes
Diocesan Youth Ministry Leadership Team (DYMLT)
Ven. Helen Kennedy
Primate’s World Relief and Development
Chairperson – Lynn Spiring-Whitten
Council for Theological Education
Chairperson – Dr. Christopher Trott
Refugee Coordinator
Marlene Smith
Rupert’s Land Indigenous Circle (RLIC)
in transition
Rupert’s Land News Advisory Board (RLN)
Media Coordinator – Sara Krahn
Rupert’s Land Wechetowin – People Helping People
Coordinator – The Rev. Deacon Tanis Kolisnyk