Officers & Committees

Officers of Synod

Mr. Arthur Braid, C.M., Q.C.

Vice Chancellor
Mr. Robert B. Doyle, B.A., M.A., LLB

Mr. Gordon Pawling, C.A.

Secretary of Synod
Mr. Bob Wedlake

Mr. John Deacon, Q.C.

Diocesan Council/
Diocesan Executive

Composition, Membership, and Responsibilities –
see Constitution

Finance Committee

Composition, Membership, and Responsibilities –
see Constitution

Rupert’s Land Indigenous Ministry

Urban Indigenous Ministry Developer – The Rev. Vincent Solomon

Active Diocesan Committees

Diocesan Diaconal Group
Chairperson – Rev. Deacon Tanis Kolisnyk
Diocesan Discernment Group on Ordained Ministry (DDGOM)
Acting Chairperson – Rev. Brian Ford
Local Collaborative Ministry Development Team (LCM)
Chairperson –  Rev. Wayne McIntosh
Companion Diocese Team (CDT)
Chairperson – Mr. Sean Carlson
Diocesan Youth Ministry Leadership Team (DYMLT)
Rev. Helen Kennedy
Primate’s World Relief and Development
Refugee Coordinator
Mrs. Gail Schnabl
Rupert’s Land Indigenous Circle (RLIC)
in transition
Rupert’s Land News Advisory Board (RLN)
Media Coordinator – Kyla Neufeld