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Bishop Geoff’s January Message

Pastoral Jan 2021

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Guaranteed Basic Income for All

Message from Bishop Geoff Woodcroft

Thank you for visiting this section of our online presence.

As we move together toward Guaranteed Basic Income, feel free to utilize our letter to MPs and make it your own. I also encourage you to write the Prime Minister at the same time to make know your desire for a healthy Canada.

Wishing you much health and success.

+ Geoff

An Open Letter to The Prime Minister The Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance
Revised letter with additional Bishop’s signatures – OPEN LETTER MAY 3 2020

Podcast re Guaranteed Basic Income 

Please consider sending a letter to your Member of Parliament. Here are templates that can be used.
GBI – MP Letter Completed Example
GBI – MP Letter Template

  • This letter may be sent by email or by Canada Post to your MP
    • Letters to MPs sent through Canada Post do not require any postage
    • If sending by post, the MPs local office will receive the letter more quickly than their Ottawa office
  • It is critical to include your address, especially your postal code, in the signature portion of the letter that you send; this is how MPs determine that you are a constituent who they represent in the House of Commons
  • If you do not know your MP or their contact information, it can be found at https://www.ourcommons.ca/members/en

Letter campaigns like this are most effective when MPs receive a high volume of letters about the same issue. While it is more work, it is more effective if every member of a community writes a letter or email than to have one letter sent on behalf of everyone. This is a case where quantity is critical.

Bishop Geoff’s Letter on Climate Change

Bishop Geoff’s Climate Letter to parishes and leaders

Accessibility for Manitobans Act

Please click on the link for more information:


Sacred Circle DVD – June 16, 2012

Sacred Circle DVD – June 1, 2012

Truth & Reconciliation Commission Findings and Calls to Action

The Truth & Reconciliation Commission Findings – Calls_to_Action_English2


Poverty Intervention Strategies

NEW_March 13_15_Vers 4 Mb Physician’s Tool NEW_Poverty tool final Child Poverty Primary_JUNE 19 NEW_PovertyToolSinglePagesDec04.14 (2)

Marks of Mission -Keeping Anglicans Talking

Keeping Anglicans Talking (KAT) is a new online video resource featuring short, compelling talks by notable Anglicans. Each talk touches on a different aspect of how Anglicans are living out the Marks of Mission locally and globally.

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