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Video of the City-Wide Ecumenical Service – Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

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Bishop’s Letter to Parish AGM’s 2019

Bishop’s AGM Letter January 2019

Consecration of Bishop Co-Adjutor Geoffrey Woodcroft

The consecration of Bishop Coadjutor-elect Geoff Woodcroft took place on Friday, October 12, 2018. If you were unable to attend, or missed out on the live stream, you can view and download the service here: Rupertsland Bishop Consecration.

Bishop Jason Zinko’s Sermon at the Consecration


Co-Adjutor Bishop Election Results – Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Venerable Geoffrey Woodcroft has been elected Bishop Co-Adjutor for the Diocese of Rupert’s Land on the fifth ballot.

Congratulations Bishop Co-Adjutor Elect Geoff!

Election Results – Ballot One

Election Results – Ballot Two

Election Results – Ballot Three

Election Results – Ballot Four

Election Results – Ballot Five

Bishop’s Letter re: Anglican Grow Hope – new PWRDF initiative

Bishop’s Letter – Anglicans Grow Hope 2018 – pdf for printing

Grow Hope ppt

Anglican Grow Hope – is a new Diocesan initiative to support PWRDF’s work through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.
It has three purposes:
** To grow a crop in Canada to create revenue for the alleviation of hunger around the world through Canadian Foodgrains Bank and its member, PWRDF.
**To engage urban non-farming individuals, families, churches and groups in the farming process and in the alleviation of hunger in the world by inviting them to provide funds to cover the input costs of raising a crop in Canada.
**For non-farmers to learn about farming and food production in Canada, about the challenges of food production and about the people whose lives and health depend on food relief and/or food related development projects.

Accessibility for Manitobans Act

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Theological Education Commission – Final Report

Theological Education Commission – Final Report

Working Report on Formation of Priests, Deacons and Local Collaborative Ministry Teams in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land:  WGF Report FINAL (revised April 2016)

Shoal Lake # 40 – Message from the Bishop

Shoal Lake # 40 – Message from the Bishop – July 9, 2015

Sacred Circle DVD – June 16, 2012

Sacred Circle DVD – June 1, 2012