Fresh Starts and New Directions

In response to requests from clergy and congregations for increased diocesan support during times of transition in clergy leadership, the Diocese of Rupert’s Land is pleased to offer Fresh Starts and New Directions: A Resource for Clergy and Congregations in Transition.

What is Fresh Starts and New Directions?

Fresh Starts and New Directions is a diocesan-led program for clergy beginning new incumbencies and their congregations. It seeks to strengthen the relationships among Anglican clergy, congregational lay leaders and dioceses during critical periods of transition in clergy leadership of the congregation.

This program is particularly timely as it comes to us when we are focusing on strengthening and deepening relationships between clergy, and between clergy and the bishop.

It also helps to “Model and seek better ways of building an interdependent diocesan Christian community in today’s world” and to “Equip and empower lay and clergy leaders to lead us faithfully and creatively in an ever-changing environment”. (Go to Mission Statements.)

Fresh Starts is designed to build the context in which ministry is accomplished in the congregations of a diocese by:

  • assisting with the transition issues inherent in any new ministry
  • sharpening the skills of lay leaders and clergy for congregational development
  • strengthening the collegial relationships among the clergy of a diocese; and
  • deepening the trust and interconnection between and among the clergy, the lay leaders of congregations and the bishop/bishop’s staff

Who Is Fresh Starts and New Directions For?

Although Fresh Starts is designed for clergy beginning new incumbencies and congregational leaders in those parishes, it is open to others. Transition times can occur in the midst of a long term pastorate, in which case this program could be appropriate and helpful.

Who do I call with any further questions?
Call the Diocesan office for more information at 204-992-4200


Future dates to be advised.

Clergy and Lay Leaders – all gatherings begin at 6 pm