Diocesan Ministry Developer

The Rev. Heather McCance became our Diocesan Ministry Developer in September of 2017.  She works with a number of groups and committees within the diocese as the primary resource for all in lay and ordained ministry leadership and in helping to create within the diocese an environment of robust theological reflection.

Heather works with the Diocesan Discernment Group for Ordained Ministry and the Diocesan Diaconal Ministry Group, coordinating the academic and spiritual formation of those discerning a call to serve God, the Church, and the world as priests and deacons, respectively. With members of the Council for Theological Education, she is working to develop appropriate academic, practical, and spiritual standards for priests and deacons in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land.

Heather works alongside the Diocesan Local Collaborative Ministry Group in supporting parishes already using the LCM model and to provide resources in parishes that are interested in exploring this model of ministry in their own congregations.

Heather will also be providing resources for those currently engaged in ministry – lay and ordained – who assist us all in both practical and spiritual ways as we strive to be faithful to God’s call to us.

As part of her work, Heather also visits many churches and events in the Diocese, and is glad to be invited to gatherings and to preach and/or preside at Eucharist from time to time.

The Rev. Heather McCance