Discernment for Ordained Ministry

Ordination Tracks

1. Ordination to the transitional diaconate and, subsequently, priesthood.

2. The Diaconate: The distinct order of the diaconate is recognized in our Diocese.   (Go to Diaconate)

3. Local Collaborative Ministry:  The diocese has embraced a model of LCM which includes a process of discerning, affirming, and equipping members of a ministry team.  This can include LCM deacons and priest. (Go to Local Collaborative Ministry)

Diocesan Discernment Group on Ordained Ministry

The Diocesan Discernment Group on Ordained Ministry (DDGOM) is an advisory group to the Bishop.  The DDGOM is comprised of lay and clergy members.  The mandate is to assist in the discernment of candidates seeking any of a variety of forms of ordained ministry.

Role of the DDGOM

The members are responsible for interviewing candidates at various stages in their journey:

  • prior to attending ACPO, either diocesan (for prospective deacons) or provincial (for those seeking ordination to the priesthood);
  • prior to deaconing, be it transitional or not; and/or
  • prior to priesting.

In each of these stages candidates are asked to prepare essays on assigned topics which are circulated to DDGOM members in advance of the interview.

Typically, panels of three or four members assess the candidate, after which a report is submitted to the DDGOM with the panel’s recommendation. The DDGOM then discusses the report together and collectively makes a recommendation to the Bishop based on their discernment of the candidate’s call, suitability and readiness.

Persons desiring to explore a call to ordained ministry should speak with their parish priest who, with other parish leaders, will assist them in their discernment. Clergy may download a copy of the memo to Incumbents and Parish Council/Vestry re:   Parish Discernment Guidelines

If the parish wishes to proceed with the discernment process by commending the individual to the Bishop, a Commendation form may be requested from the Bishop’s Office.


Anglican Church of Canada Ordination Prerequistes

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Baptismal Covenant Grid

Diaconate Baptismal Covenant Grid – Revised Aug 05