Companion Diocese

Companion Diocese Team
The Diocese of Rupert’s Land Companion Diocese Team is a committee whose mandate is to coordinate relations with our Companion Diocese, the Diocese of Central Buganda, Uganda. There are currently three programs in operation, the Uganda Orphans Project, the Kasaka Water Project and the Link Parish Program.

January 2020 – Letter from the Companion Diocese Committee

Companion Diocese Information Brochure

Kasaka Water Project

  • Cost of the project:  $45,000 CAD
    What you Can do to Help
  • Pray about the project
  • Pledge or give
  • Cheque, cash or credit card

see information brochure here:  Kasaka Water project

Diocese of Central Buganda – Website Link:

2017-2021 Convenant between the Diocese of Rupert’s Land and the Diocese of Central Buganda

Prayer for Companion Diocese

Uganda Orphan Program

Support for Central Buganda Orphans poster

Link Parish Program
2017 – General Distribution – Central Buganda Rupert’s Land Parish links.- docx

Map of Central Buganda Parishes