Temporalty Act

Constitution of the Diocese of Rupert’s Land -Oct 2018

Canon 1 Definitions
EPRL Canon IX  Election of a Bishop (replaces DRL Canon 2 & 3)
Canon 4  Appointment of a Commissary or an Administrator
Canon 5  Appointment of Dignitaries and Other Officers and Their Duties
Canon 6  Archdeaconries and Archdeacons
Canon 7  Deaneries and District Deans
Canon 8  Licensing of Clergy
Canon 10 Appointment and Maintenance of Incumbents
Canon 12  Removal of Incumbents
Canon 13  Discipline
Canon 14  Lay Readers
Canon 15  Diocesan Administration and Finances
Canon 16 Delegates to the General and Provencial Synods
Canon 17  Board on Canons and Rules of Order
Canon 18 Synod Proceedings
Canon 19  Parishes
Canon 20  Parish and Vestry Meetings
Canon 21  Churchwardens
Canon 22  Members of Vestry
Canon 23 Lay Delegates
Canon 24  Church Buildings and Lands
Canon 25  Parochial Records
Canon 26  Parochial Statistics
Canon 27  Memorials and Other Gifts
Canon 28 Archives and Archivist
Canon 28 Archival Polices appended 1995
Canon 28 Archives Policies appended 2000