The purpose of the Board is to consider every proposal to alter, amend or repeal the Constitution, Canons or Rules of Order of the Diocese before the proposal is considered by Synod and to report to Synod as to the advisability or otherwise of adopting the proposal.

It is also responsible for preparing and submiting to Synod any additions, deletions, or amendments which Synod or the Diocesan Council may deem necessary or desirable and to review the Constitution, Canons and Rules of Order of the Diocese from time to time and, of its own motion, to submit recommendations to Synod for any additions, deletions or amendments which it may deem necessary or desirable.

The membership of the Board consists of the Bishop, the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor and two clergy and two lay members elected by Diocesan Synod.

To contact this committee's chair, phone or email the Diocesan Office.