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May 28, 2024

Regarding the parish of Holy Trinity Winnipeg, Manitoba

Several news media stories have appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press and the CBC among others since Saturday May 25, 2024. While the stories are factual, they most certainly do not contain all the facts necessary to understand the fullness of the story.

At the Annual General Meeting in February 2024, the parish of Holy Trinity successfully carried a resolution to sell the property and building of Holy Trinity Anglican Parish. Some weeks later I received a written request from the leadership for my permission to sell the building and property. I responded three weeks later with my conditional permission. The conditions are as follows.

  1. That every effort must be made to sell the building to a purchaser who will preserve and maintain the historic Church
  2. That every effort must be made to sell the building to a purchaser who would provide a space for the worshipping and gathering community of Holy Trinity
  3. That every effort must be made to sell the building to a purchaser who will secure a space/environment for the vibrant missions of the parish

In 1884, the builders of Holy Trinity’s historic building could not have imagined its present use. 140 years have passed since the first stones were-laid at Holy Trinity, and the local neighbourhood, buildings, and communal gathering spaces are now, in 2024, in various stages of rejuvenation.  Holy Trinity Church occupies a central location in downtown Winnipeg, between a recently reinvented Main Library and a vibrant downtown arena.  As our city awakens from its COVID-induced slumber, Holy Trinity Church is ready to take up its pivotal place in a greater civic process of renewal.

Cause for renewal is not lost on Holy Trinity nor the wider diocesan Church that supports it. Holy Trinity must also reinterpret its call to ensure its purpose to show God’s kingdom by being sanctuary, sustenance, and friendship for all people in the inner-city neighbourhood.

While the Church’s purpose is unchanged, its opportunity to provide ministry and mission has, and historical, structural and social significance of the building has most certainly changed. The Church too, must renew they who shall carry the active ministry and mission forward.

There are a host of professionals, urbanists, and citizens attending with deep care to Holy Trinity’s next incarnation as a place of worship and community gathering.  In this historically charged and highly specific place, the parish has the opportunity to look afresh within and, as the Body of Christ, engage with our city, spreading the message that God’s heaven is close at hand for all people.

Renewal is a normal and regular process of the Church, and we are hopeful, joyful, and steadfast as we step into the future.

+ Geoffrey

Bishop of Rupert’s Land